6.25" Small Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer - NOW Only $4.99 plus S+H

6.25" Standard Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer with cross shape opening made from stainless steel and dishwasher safe. Steams 2 to 3 hotdog buns above the cooking hotdogs below. Makes great melted cheesy dogs. Works with pots between 6.5" and 9" in diameter. Patented handles self adjust and unique cross shape opening lets hotdogs to drop through, tongs reach down and retrieve. Easy Directions: Bring ONE inch of water or Beer to a low boil. Lower the steaming grill into any pot and drop your favorite Hotdogs through the cross shaped opening and cook for 2 minutes Then place your buns on the grill, cover and steam for an additional 2 to 3 minutes. Tip open up the bun without breaking its spine so the steam can better penetrate inside. Add 30 to 60 seconds if the buns are stale (Not recommended to steam the buns for more than 4 minutes) Remove the lid quickly so that condensation doesn’t drip on the buns, carefully remove the HOT steamed buns and reach through the cross shaped opening with a pair of tongs to retrieve your cooked hotdogs from below. If the hotdogs aren’t lined up with the cross shaped opening just rotate the grill until they are. Tip add some cheese on top of your hotdog and place the hotdog in bun back on top of the steaming grill for 30 seconds or until the cheese melts. MAKES the BEST CHEESY DOGS!
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6.25" Small Hotdog Ez Bun Steamer - NOW Only $4.99 plus S+H
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